PROJECTS DIY: cos no one else will do it for you

So I have this thing in my head where I constantly tell myself to keep moving, do something, anything, just keep moving because if I stop ……. that’s when the pain is most unbearable, so I do THINGS! I have always been like this even before the pain started I was always messing about, doing DIY, trying out new crafts, building things etc …….. so when I got ill I decided that was how to get through it all.

I moved to France in 2011 into an old barn with nothing in it except junk and wood and I have spent a lot of time doing up the place to make it livable. I have a link somewhere to a blog I started (but never published) sort of detailing how I got here. It is mostly pictures and a few writings but I will try to find it and post it at the bottom of this page.

I shall try to post a few of the projects that I have done here and all future projects will be shown here too.

I also do different crafts, wire work, sewing, mosaics etc which I will post in this section too.DSCN5596DSCN5767
a couple of items I did with wire: some dragons eye key rings and Puff the magic dragon for my friend who calls herself a dragon, she is a pussy car really haha.

Wow I sound so positive and now I am hoping I can actually do the posts haha
lets see if this ends up in the right place and then I will post one of my projects
wish me luck haha xxx