When you are chronically ill you have to choose what path to take, either live with the diseases or make them live with you! I choose to carry on a life, I don’t want to merely exist, I want to participate and do things!! So I keep busy by making things, creating things, altering things ……….. You get the giste, whilst you are busy the diseases are taking a back seat and for a while you can almost forget about them. Off course many projects take me a lot longer to complete nowadays because I have to keep resting but eventually they get done, my neighbours here say “Piano, Piano, Piano” ie. do things as if you were playing a symphony, no rush just gently stroke the keys – it is my Mantra when things are not going to plan haha

So future posts will show more projects I have completed, past ones with explanatory notes and new ones hopefully showing some step by step in case you felt like doing a similar project.