Ok so here I should give you a bit of background info because from time to time I might refer to stuff and you wont have a clue what I am talking about! (not that I do most of the time either lol)

  1.   I grew up in a large family,  I have 10 brothers and 6 sisters and so you can imagine there are now a lot of neices, nephews, great nieces,  nephews – I loved it and feel that I had a great childhood with fabulous parents, wonderful neighbours, extended family and friends.

    just some of the family on holiday when i was 13/14ish
  2.   I was lucky enough to have jobs which I loved and through those jobs I have met some wonderful people and learnt a lot about life.
  3.   I was in a great relationship for 25 yrs, have 2 grown up children and remain friends with my ex – we just got in a rut I think and grew apart.
  4.   I am lucky to still have a lot of my childhood friends, school friends and friends I have met along the years still in my life and for that I will always be grateful friends
  5.   I ended up in a relationship with a Narcissist, psychopath who beat up my dog, was cruel to animals, was nasty to people, caused me to have many “accidents”  (your typical psycopathic narcissist really, ticked all the boxes when I finally found out that they exist).  I call him the Waste Of Space (WOS) – Because he never finished anything but also because he constantly ranted about people taking up valuable air on this planet when they didnt deserve too, yet he is probably the biggest candidate for that.   I don’t hate him though I should, I pity him, he needs help but will never seek it.
  6.  I got very ill with a number of Rare diseases and I seem to keep acquiring more 😮  so far I have (in order of appearance lol) :     AIH = Autoimmune Hepatitis, which by the time they decided what it was had caused me to have severe cirrhosis,  RA = Rheumatoid Arthritis,  Sjorgrens Syndrome,  fibromyalgia, Lupus, Raynauds Phenomenom,  Scleroderma and Carpel Tunnel = all of these diseases have caused me considerable pain and problems over the past 9 years but now (touch wood) they seem to be under control and recently I find myself nearly pain free for the first time in all those years, so I am very grateful for all the effort all my doctors, nurses and other health officials have put into getting me here today – a great big THANK YOU, you are appreciated xxx
  7.  I sold my house and moved from the UK to France, mainly because I was constantly in and out of hospital with pneumonia and other complications (but also because the WOS was adamant it would be good for me and never gave me breathing space to think it through) .    In the UK you have 100’s of people in a tiny space and there always seems to be someone with a cold, flu or other infection and no matter how many times you tell people you are on Immunosuppressants and therefore are susceptible to every germ going, they still insist on visiting you and sharing those germs.  So I moved to a quiet countryside village in Brittany France, in some ways it has been good for me but in others it has been devastating.
  8.   I moved from a very modern house to a wreck of a building with no electricity, running water, toilet, shower nor heating.  I can only blame the drugs lol, although if I could’ve bought a house in the countryside in the UK I would’ve done so but it is far too expensive!   11025811_448222155336733_6204820255024444920_n
  9.   I was introduced to a very nice hobby by a beautiful person  ( again I am very lucky to have such people in my life)  = Wire Wrapping.  And through this hobby I have not only kept my hands supple and working but have learnt new skills, made lovely items and met some awesome and talented people along the way.  Crafters and Jewellery makers are probably the most helpful and smiley people I have every met.
  10.   I have tried several times to write a blog but failed miserably!  I start off all gungho but then I lose confidence and start to worry that what I write will interest no one.  Now I realise  it doesnt really matter if no one wants to read, what matters is that I do something I enjoy and I want to write.  I hope that I can clear my head, share my experiences with anyone who wants to read them, continue to learn through others I meet via this blog page and basically have a bit of fun doing it.
  11. I have learnt to use a lot of tools haha, power tools that is – circular saws, bench saws, router, grinder etc  and in the process have gained my confidence back and then some 🙂
  12.   I’ve learnt French and a little Breton and a lot about the Breton people and their culture, it is most agreeable.  I also have met a lot of wonderful French and Breton people who have taught me so much,  especially about farming, animals, bees and nature, it has been an amazing adventure.
  13.   I have learnt about ME!   The most important lesson I think and I continue to learn, I don’t think I will ever tire of learning.
  14.   Why GETTING OFF THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT?  for me it was about stepping off a world that was going far too fast for me, a world that was too stressful, too full, too busy and landing in a little village where nothing happens and no one is seen nor heard (yes right!!! it seems the quiet corner is not so quiet after all – more on this at some point lol)

So that is most of my history to ending up here trying to write a blog lol, if you want any more information on any of the above or would like me to write more about certain things then please get in touch and ask, I am only me and I do not bite.

thanks for reading

Mam xxx