I just realised I had not introduced my animal family lol, they are a big part of my current life and so will be mentioned a lot probably.  So here we go:

BRUCE:  My beloved Lurcher,  wos beat him up a lot when I wasn’t around and it took a while for me to realise what was going on, when I did the wos was banished quick smart back to the UK.  It took me a long time to forgive myself for not realising what was happening and took Bruce a very long time to trust men again, especially men with certain hats on and walking sticks, now though he will actually go up to men on his own without having to be coaxed.

He follows me everywhere, although now he is happy to sit where he can see me in view and some of the places he sits haha you just have to laugh!  I have all these places I have set up for him to sit on and he goes and sits in the most silliest of places, he makes me smile and laugh so much.

Bruce will sit anywhere but he does like his comfort, here in the waste bucket on the tarp which is going to the tip haha 

JESSEE:  I got Jessee a couple of years ago because the vet said Bruce was depressed so I went out and got a puppy, her mother was small and petite and I expected Jessee to be the same = big mistake lol !!!  Jessee turned out to be a massive, chunky heap of muscle who also thinks she is small and petite like her mother haha which results in many accidents and mishaps!    She is adorable once you get to know her but most people are put off by her inability to realise just how big she is and her very loud bark.  She is a character though, she knows everything you say and yet she chooses to ignore it most of the time and always wants to be the boss or the first in everything but her clumsyness is so funny sometimes you cannot help but laugh.

BREIZH:   Someone dumped a pregnant cat in the village whilst the grandchildren were there, they had fun playing with the kittens and decided to “adopt” the black and white one they called Breizh.  Unfortunately it wasn’t possible for them to take the kitten back with them and their grandparents couldn’t take it to Paris so I was asked if I could take care of her until they came back next year – basically she was palmed off on me lol and so I acquired Breizh.

Breizh is very loving and affectionate but also has a tendency to bite a chunk out of you as a sign of affection so you have to be on your guard.  She has this habit off taking herself off on holiday for 2/3/4 weeks at a time and she must have the most wildest of times because when she returns she is always so thin and scraggly looking that she reminds me  of me and my friends in our  20’s.   Young and free,  when we would go out drinking and dancing with friends and then roll in at 4/5am in the morning, drunk, dishevelled but happy and this is exactly how she comes in through the window, shouting her head off and telling me all about her adventures whilst snuggling up and purring and needing to be shown love and affection before she falls asleep for about 2 days solid haha.

DR SEUSS:  So called because we rescued him from a football net when he was a tiny little thing, he had got himself all tangled up in the netting and as a result he broke and dislocated his hips and his front legs and paws.  He had also near strangled himself to death and had cuts where the rope had dug deep into his neck and shoulders, I seriously did not think he would survive because he was so tiny.

Because of his injuries and because he was so tiny I ended up carrying him around inside a wooly hat that I had, hence calling him after the cat in the hat book Dr Seuss.  Again such a loving little man who follows me every where and is very vocal about all sorts of things, he mostly enjoys snuggling up to Bruce who sometimes enjoys it but other times is totally freaked out by the purring and the pawing haha.

Then there are our Friends who visit a lot and sometimes stay over for holidays:

Taz and Roxy who usually come for a fortnight whilst their Mam goes over to the UK to see her family or for any other reason that they need to be cared for.  They usually arrive with their food bowls and a lot of giddyness ensues.

Lolly and Carmel,  Lolly being the daughter of Bruce and Carmel is an adorable rescue dog who looks like a fox and actually started to have orange fur this year instead of her usualy black so we think she definitely has some fox in her.  I love these 2, they are always so happy to see us and so giddy, they just come to visit and say hi or we visit them.

And then there are the other creatures that keep coming in and taking advantage of my good nature and my house.   Creatures like:

Brian in the Bucket aka a little toad that has taken residence in my bucket in the garden during the day.  At night Brian somehow sneaks under the front door and can often be seen in various spots around the house just doing his thing and then in the morning he is back in his little den, my white Ikea bucket in the garden.  I decided that he likes it there because all the slugs and snails seem to gather at the front door and under the bucket lol, so he is helping me in a way.

Fernando the Fox:  This little guy either has some massive amounts of bravery and confidence or he is just plain stupid,  I haven’t decided yet lol