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Cats n rain

Dr Seuss really hates the rain! he went out through the window this morning and then immediately came back in wet through and screaming his head off about it absolutely bucketing it down out there!! He then goes and sits by the front door, shouting his head off, demanding to be let out ………. so I open the front door and he steps out then bolts back in …… yes Seuss it is raining through the door too!
He heads towards the porch and sits at the door there, shouting and screaming to be let out, he claws at the door so again I open the doors and the wind drives the rain inside straight at him. quick smart he is up and on the sofa giving me filthy looks as if to say you did that on purpose!!! No Dr Seuss, I just wish you would realise that if it is raining outside it does not matter which door or window you go through it will still be raining!! bless him