I haven’t got a clue! 3RD attempt!


So I just learnt my 1st lesson on Blogging!

Lesson No 1: Don’t try to type a post on here until you know exactly what you are doing because you will only lose it!!

This is my 3rd Attempt grrrrrrrrrr

1st attempt I actually managed to write 3 quite large paragraphs and was quite proud of it, I was feeling confident because on the right side bar it said “status: Draft saved 03.21am” so I presumed it had saved all that I had written …….. WRONG!!! All the damn thing saved was the title!!! All I did was try to put in an emoji and change the colour of the text to blue? And the whole lot disappeared POOF! GONE? just like that! Lost in internet space, floating around in that vast space where no one will every see it or read it 😮 I do wonder if there is like a place all those unpublished words are banished to, just all floating about and bumping into each other, so sad, RIP words unpublished I am sure you would’ve raised a smile! Anyway …….A full half hour of writing what I thought was going to start my blog, gone! boo hoo. So I tried again………..

2nd Attempt I did 1 paragraph, it was nothing like the 1st one because I haven’t a clue what I wrote on there, (I have memory issues lol, will explain that at some point) so then I hit “Save Draft” button and yes everything disappeared again??? Apart from the title? I tried opening all the draft pages, nothing just the title. I tried pressing the back button …… nothing except the title? I was beginning to think maybe I should just give up again but …………..

3rd Attempt!!! I am writing this in notepad haha!!! In your face WordPress!!! I am not going to lose another thought written down!!! So ………at least I have a copy of what I have written and I can now mess about with trying to actually save a copy on my site without messing up – hopefully!! Haha 🙂 I might think I am thick but I truly am not!!

I do not think this bloggin lark is easy at all!!! Everyone says it is but it isn’t!!

So just realised I was on VISUAL and the word count was ZERO! even after pasting my paragraph!!
so I switched to TEXT, pasted again and now word count is 263 – wooo hooo!

Is it ok to get excited yet? possibly not lol better first save it and see if I can find it again, BRB hopefully!!

Yaaaay I am back and yessss it saved wooo hooooo!!

So my head is this mashed!
But I think I will try to remember what I was going to write for my very first Blog post on here!!!

Onwards and upwards, gotta keep that ball bouncing xxx