Getting off the Magic Roundabout

Welcome to my world

So What’s all this about then ?     At this point I have NO IDEA!  haha …….. All I know is that I suddenly got this urge to write something and seeing as everyone is always telling me to write a blog I thought well what the heck ……….. let’s do it!!!

I think it will be a mishmash of stuff, probably won’t make much sense half the time but I hope it will make you, the reader, smile ……… at least a little!

Right I best go try to figure out this thing called Blogging then …………. haven’t a clue where to start though sooo maybe take a leaf out of that woman’s book (forgot her name but will remember it later no doubt – I forget a lot but you will get used to it, I have haha) …… that woman who says ” Let’s start at the very beginning,  ………. ah yes the wonderful Julie Andrews !!  Told you I would remember haha  (feeling smug now!)

catch you later,  Mam xxx